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1 03, 2023

Soapy Faith Soap Co.


Let’s see, what’s in my shopping cart this morning?  “Patience is Power” and “Have Some Self Control.”  What?  It’s soap and it’s

Soapy Faith Soap Co.2023-03-01T23:38:20+00:00
4 01, 2023

5 Things We Learned in Germany


By Matthew Fieldman Reposted with permission from I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz around the German apprenticeship system – but does it

5 Things We Learned in Germany2023-01-04T22:12:57+00:00
26 10, 2022

Manufacturing Roundtable


In honor of Manufacturing Week, the City of Morgan Hill hosted a Manufacturing Roundtable on October 13 featuring two panels with

Manufacturing Roundtable2022-12-27T21:56:38+00:00
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