Are you taking cybersecurity seriously? In addition to complying with cybersecurity policies, manufacturers need to take every step to ensure their information and their customers’ information is protected. Manex provides the following tips and tricks below, and offers an affordable managed cybersecurity service to small manufacturing companies.

  1. Never open email from unknown senders.
  2. Right click on email addresses to verify sender’s domain is legitimate, prior to opening an email message.
  3. When in doubt about an email and its intentions, call the sender to verify.
  4. Use two-step verification/authentication.
  5. Careful if it is being offered for free – it is never free.
  6. Use anti-malware and antivirus products vs. nothing.
  7. Always update security when requested by publishers.
  8. Back up your data, use multiple places/locations.
  9. Back up your data offline when possible.
  10. Do not download applications from unknown publishers or sites.
  11. Never share USB keys/drives.
  12. Do not open attachments in email messages from suspicious senders – verify sender and intentions.
  13. Using mobile devices for browsing is just as risky as laptops for encountering malware and viruses.
  14. Check what ports are open on your network and their behaviors.
  15. Segment your network for guests and internal users.
  16. Public Wi-Fi networks are very risky for data protection on your devices – use a VPN.
  17. Use a secure password manager for all your unique passwords.
  18. Never use the same password twice.
  19. Physical spying takes place as much as digital spying, watch who is looking over your shoulder.
  20. No one is protected from being hacked, you are, will and have been hacked!
  21. Set strong privacy setting on your devices – you don’t want to overshare.
  22. Java script in your browser is insecure, disable it!
  23. Always ask yourself questions about communications sent to you, being suspicious is the best practice.
  24. Use the best browser available from a security perspective, stay aware of exploits of browsers.
  25. Patch, patch, patch!
  26. Pay attention to mobile app permissions and access, some will access very private, personal and proprietary information you want to remain confidential.
  27. Clean up (delete) apps you don’t use.
  28. Use device passwords to lock and encrypt the data wherever possible – losing a device is painful enough!
  29. Never leave devices set to default passwords.
  30. Change Wi-Fi passwords often and never repeat them.
  31. Don’t use names, birthdates, and phone numbers as passwords – be unique and complex.
  32. Social media has risks associated with personal information – don’t feed the bad guys information they can use against you.
  33. Inventory your devices and their IP addresses on your network.
  34. Remove any devices that are end-of-life from their manufacturer from your network – they are attack points.
  35. Log-out of services like banking when you have completed your transaction.
  36. Don’t store Usernames/Passwords in cookies on devices, just don’t do it.
  37. Internet of Things (IoT) is pretty cool, but, make sure you manage these IoT devices with the same care as your computer. Attackers are looking for web cams, thermostats and door locks that are not secure.

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Cytellix — the cybersecurity division of Information Management Resources, Inc. (IMRI), an industry standards-based, managed cybersecurity service provider, has partnered with Manex Consulting to deliver Cytellix’s services to Northern California’s manufacturers.