Manex, the NIST MEP Manufacturing Center for Bay Area and Sacramento regions and a partner of California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), is pleased to announce that we have received a new multi-employer contract as of June 28, 2021. This earned rebate is a phenomenal tool to increase skill sets and job satisfaction in your company. We train in quality, lean, leadership, food safety, sales, marketing, and more.

Logo Description automatically generatedEstablished in 1982, the Employment Training Panel (ETP) has proven itself for 30 years as the state’s premier program supporting job creation and retention, through training. ETP is funded by a special tax on California employers and differs from other workforce development organizations whose emphasis is on pre-employment training. ETP fulfills its mission by reimbursing the cost of employer-driven training for incumbent workers and funding the type of training needed by unemployed workers to re-enter the workforce. Overall, the ETP program helps to ensure that California businesses will have the skilled workers they need to remain competitive.

Employers must be able to effectively train workers in response to changing business and industry needs. While the need for workforce training is critical, businesses generally reserve capacity-building dollars for highly technical and professional occupations – limiting investment in training for frontline workers who produce goods and deliver services. ETP helps to fill this gap by funding training that is targeted to the frontline workers.

Manex, established in 1995 is a 501c3 non-profit manufacturing center whose mission is to grow American manufacturing and jobs. Review our case studies along with our client reported financial impacts.

Due to the Covid-19 impacts, the ETP fund is much lower than previous years. It’s important that you work with your Manex representative as early as possible.

In addition to providing training, Manex’s ETP team will provide assistance in obtaining approval for employer to leverage funds on Manex’s multi-employer ETP contract, and assistance in confirming eligibility for funding for employees. Manex will also provide ETP program management and administration to best ensure compliance to funding requirements and minimize impact on the employer and its staff.

    • Enrollment and monitoring of all ETP trainees
    • Regular and ongoing attendance reporting, attendance monitoring and documentation management, initial and ongoing compliance auditing
    • Reimbursement management – ETP invoicing, post-training retention monitoring and auditing
    • Employee eligibility for ETP funding includes the following restrictions and requirements:
      • All trainees must be California-residents, work full-time (work at least 35 hours per week), are Company regular employees (temporary workers and contactors are not eligible for the program) and who will meet or exceed the ETP minimum wage requirements immediately before the start of the 90-day, post-training retention period. Each trainee must receive at least 8 hours of training.
      • The ETP minimum hourly wages are $20.86 for Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties; $20.79 for Contra Costa, $19.77 for Los Angeles County, $19.12 for all other counties. County is determined by work location of the company under this agreement at the time of enrollment.
      • Health benefits may be added to the trainee’s wages to meet the ETP minimum hourly wage rate. Suitable documentation of health benefits paid (e.g. health provider invoices, statements, etc. and employee costs) must be supplied to Manex upon enrollment.
      • Trainees can only be enrolled in one ETP funded training program at any time. Trainees must complete the 90-day retention period and ETP close-out, prior to consideration for another ETP training program.
      • Managers and Supervisors must not exceed 20% of the total trainee population.
      • Executives who set company policy are not eligible for enrollment or reimbursement. Executives that are owners of small businesses may be included for training and reimbursement.
      • If one or more of the employees enrolled in the training program does not complete the program or classes for which he is enrolled, is not retained for ninety days following completion of the training program, does not meet minimum wage requirements (see Payroll Records, below), or if the Client does not provide schedule and attendance documentation by the required date, Client will not be eligible for any ETP reimbursement associated with those employee(s).

A large percentage of our projects have some level of ETP rebates associated with them. This is one of the best programs in the country for workforce development. We look forward to discussing how ETP can help your company!