If you are committed to Made in the USA and Made in California in particular please consider making a contribution to Manex.

At Manex, we’ve been involved in the Economic Development of California-based manufacturers since 1995.   A 501c3 non-profit Public Benefit corporation that provides training services exclusively to Bay Area and Sacramento Region manufacturing firms, we provide verifiable impacts measured on a quarterly basis.  Our most recent impacts ending March 2018 include:

  • New Sales $25.5 million
  • Retained Sales $124.9 million
  • Jobs Created and Retained 1,261
  • New Investment $76.5 million
  • Cost Savings $15.5 million

Our contributors help train production workers, teach skills in lean manufacturing, food safety, and leadership among many others. Click here to learn about our success stories.

Your contribution will do the same and keep the Bay Area and Sacramento Region Manufacturers and their employees healthy and thriving.

Our primary contributors are CMTC as a part of the NIST MEP Network and our training contracts with the State of California ETP Programs.

Thank you for your support on behalf of Manex Consulting and our local manufacturing community.