Discover the Key Ingredients to Creating an Ambitious and Motivated Workforce Focused on Corporate Needs and Performance Goals

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KEY Results Professionals Experienced from this Presentation:

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  • Increased Employee Performance
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    Patrick Ryan, CEO of Eureka Performance Training©         

    CEO and President of Eureka Performance Training©, Patrick Ryan, is a leading-edge motivator and entrepreneur guru who helps CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Presidents take back ownership of their corporate culture. He is successful in leading entrepreneurs to take the reins of their companies and create a corporate culture in which employers and employees thrive in an environment of change and growth. His vision for his clients is to create and sustain an environment of trust and teamwork that goes above and beyond the average company. His skills include coaching executives on how to create their own workplace culture, one that empowers employees and draws and retains top talent. He helps to create more powerful business leaders and high-performance teams. He uses his 35 years of corporate experience and training to help CEOs and top executives capture the attention of their employees through dynamic incentives, active recognition of performance, and enrichment programs.

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