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Lean manufacturing processes have revolutionized the way that many leading enterprises deliver products to their customers and manage their supplier relationships. A key ingredient to achieve sustained operational excellence is an organization immersed in Lean thinking.

Manex’s Lean Simulation Workshop (LSW) combines classroom content with a hands-on simulation of a production facility, educating participants on using the Lean principles to enhance productivity. We use Legos to teach principles of lean by building a production line for airplanes and producing airplanes all day, until all the principles are learned and put into action. Designed for all levels of manufacturing personnel, the LSW teaches the fundamentals of Lean, while providing a necessary conduit from concept and methodology to implementation on a shop floor. *Lunch will be provided. Dietary restrictions will be requested during registration.

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The LSW provides participants with the launch point for engaging the elements necessary to achieve and accelerate continuous improvement, productivity, profitability, and bottom-line impact using Lean.

The Power of Lean

  • 90% reduction in lead time (cycle time)
  • 50% increase in productivity
  • 80% reduction in work-in process
  • 80% improvement in quality
  • 75% reduction in space utilization

Our projects average more than 600% ROI – that’s a $6 return for every dollar invested in these activities.


Manex’s LSW is a full-day session that introduces the basic concepts of Lean Manufacturing and incorporates three rounds of a manufacturing simulation, blending knowledge with a hands-on environment needed to reinforce the concepts and maximize the learning experience.

Our experts use an application-oriented approach to learning and applying Lean throughout your organization. This practice-driven session focuses on the tools, processes, and thinking to structure Lean methods in your company. The day is designed to help you build an understanding of Lean concepts and principles and learn how to apply them to various business processes through the simulations.

All of our experts are senior level managers with an average of 20 years of in-depth manufacturing experience. You will have the opportunity to discuss implementation issues with them and learn first-hand from their experience.


Our Lean experts bring in-depth manufacturing experience and real-world examples while providing one-on-one personal attention for each participant. Participants gain a detailed overview of the different Lean improvement tools and methods and the structural elements of an integrated production system.

Presenting the following Lean principles:

  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Visual Factory / Workplace Organization
  • Value-added Floor Space
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Scrap and Rework Reduction
  • Lead Time and Changeover Reduction
  • Standardized Work
  • Workforce Redeployment


Manex’s LSW includes a three-round simulation to enable a much deeper and longer-lasting understanding of the Lean principles and their correlation to continuous improvement activities.

For each round of the simulation, participants are assigned a unique work station on the assembly line of an airplane manufacturer. Complete with parts, inventory, quality control, and incoming customer orders, the simulation lets participants apply the Lean principles and tools into a real-life production process.

After the first two rounds, production results are shared. Then, with coaching from the Manex facilitators, participants work as a team to refine the manufacturing process, recommend improvements, and implement changes for the next round.


  • Learn how implementing Lean techniques maximizes business results
  • Practice using Lean tools in a real-world manufacturing environment
  • Acquire the skills necessary to improve productivity immediately


Walt Tarpley has over 25 years of extensive manufacturing experience and expertise in general management, manufacturing operations, quality systems, engineering, and continuous improvement initiatives, including Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Mr. Tarpley has achieved certifications as Lean Master (Shingo Gold Level), Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE, ASQ), and Certified Quality Engineer (CQE, ASQ).