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Reduce Waste, Increase Profits, Empower Employees

Kaizen Continuous Improvement Creates Long-Lasting, Positive Change, Quickly, Right on the Shop Floor

  • Increased Capacity
  • Streamlined, Repeatable Processes
  • Better Communication
  • Less Shop Floor Space Required
  • Increased Morale
  • Improved Quality
  • Healthier Company and Bottom Line

Work with a Kaizen Workshop Expert Who Knows Manufacturing. 

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walt tarpley, manex

“Kaizen brings team problem-solving efforts to important company issues. Rather than days of downtime, a Kaizen workshop offers a way to quickly implement improved processes and engages employees from all parts of the company. Call me today to see how our experts can help.”

 Walt Tarpley,  Vice President of Client Services, Manex Consulting – 925.807.5103

Kaizen Workshop Leads to Optimized Facility Layout 40% Improved Capacity

Manex helped La Tortilla Factory dramatically reduce the setup/changeover time, increased inventory turns, eliminated the need for an additional warehouse, and increased throughput, all while maintaining and exceeding customer expectations.

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Seven Key Areas of Operational Waste

All of these wastes have a direct impact on your costs. These are costs your customers do not want to pay for, that add no value to your product or service.








Jumpstart Positive Change with Kaizen

Kaizen Can Quickly Impact Your Bottom Line:

  • Improve Visual Controls
  • Eliminate Clutter
  • Reduce/Eliminate Waste
  • Implement Standardized Work
  • Improve Material And Information Flow
  • Organize Tools And Fixtures
  • Reduce Setup And Change Over Times
  • Create Repeatable Processes
  • Reduce Floor Space
  • Improve Company Morale
  • Reduce/Eliminate Overtime
  • Train Team Members To Identify and Eliminate Waste
  • Improve Communication
  • Foster Team Environment

We Save You Time and Hit the Ground Running with:

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To get started with Kaizen, call us at 925.807.5103, email us, or fill out the form above.