FDA-registered sterilization facility that provides reliable electron-beam (E-beam) irradiation processing for healthcare products and medical devices.

Strategic Planning
Results in Projected
Revenue Growth of 25%

To grow revenue, a Manex biomed consultant uncovered areas affecting revenue as well as helped to develop strategic messaging, branding, and sales and marketing tools.

Client Business Need

As a biomed company, Nutek has innovations that can help advance the entire healthcare industry, but the company was having difficulty growing revenue. For instance, the team developed a cost-effective way to sterilize fragile materials and combination medical devices that could not be done before using electron beams. Not only does this innovation provide new options for developing lifesaving products, but it also uses the most advanced, safest, and environment friendly technology to sterilize at no additional cost. Although highly successful with developing innovations that make a real difference, growing the business remained a challenge.


To assist with the company’s growth, Manex provided an experienced biomed consultant who worked very closely with the team to uncover areas affecting revenue that needed the most attention. The consultant helped the team develop a new strategy, protection for the company’s intellectual property, new messaging and branding, and additional sales and marketing tools (including presentations, brochures, and press releases). In addition, an initial structure for 2 new major partnership opportunities quickly developed as a result of the company’s new focus.

Results Delivered

The new strategy, structure, tools, and guidance positioned Nutek to access a broader range of opportunities, be more competitive, and grow revenue. The bottom line impact accomplished its mission. Nutek is now on track to grow revenue by at least 25% this year.

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