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Foundations: Quick Start to Sales Mastery

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Find out how to get on the fast track to sales success.

Growing sales can be a challenging undertaking, especially in today’s global market with highly self-educated prospects. Whether you are charged with managing a sales team or closing business yourself, there are hundreds of potential pitfalls including self-limiting beliefs, the challenges presented by your prospects, the marketplace, and of course, your competition.

Are you tired of:

  • Dealing with prospects who want free consulting and quotes, then give the business to someone else?

  • Presenting to people who can’t or won’t make decisions?

  • Unrealistic or inconsistent sales forecasts and results?

  • Being frustrated because you can’t make headway on company goals?

  • Looking for ways to find prospects that doesn’t require cold calls?

Do you or your team currently have a sales process that is easy to forecast reliably, manage, and measure? If not, you might be ready for a new selling system.

Sandler Foundations enables you to:

  • More easily strategize or debrief a sales call with a common language and selling system that has specific steps.

  • Save time by learning to qualify or disqualify an opportunity early in the process.

  • Maintain control over the sales process with your prospects and your sales team.

  • Recognize problems before they become major roadblocks, stalls, and objections.

  • Focus energy on the right prospecting behaviors that lead to more sales, more easily.

Sandler Foundations combined with the SalesMastery program is unlike any sales training you have ever seen. The revolutionary Sandler Selling System and reinforcement training process, delivered by certified professional trainers, have made Sandler synonymous with sales success.

Get on the Fast Track to Sales Success.

Sandler Foundations is where everyone officially starts.

The Foundations program is a 10-lesson introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System® concepts, along with actionable steps that you or your team can implement from the first day to immediately start to improve performance.