Single Management System (SMS)

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Single Management System (SMS) is a secure cloud based management tool that allows an organization to control and monitor any process. SMS allows management to monitor its operations and production activities by generating automatic reports for any process, operation or production. This system ensures management is aware of any production and process variances and ensures that staff consistently follows procedures and guidelines.

SMS was created by a management team with over 17 years experience in industry standards, including subject matter experts and a Fellow at the Chartered Quality Institute, presenters at the American Quality Institute Conference with articles published in some of the top maintenance publications.

The process and technology incorporated in The Single Management System won, “Best of the Best” within the Best Practice Process category by Global Quality Assurance Institute.

Our Approach

  • Using a cloud based system, procedures and plans for Customer Interface, Production, Suppliers, and Post Production are loaded into SMS through an iPad.
  • Employees access procedures on an iPad thus minimizing paper documentation/control issues.
  • When records are not completed per the procedure or as planned, an email notification is automatically sent to management alerting them of a non-conformance issue.
  • The iPad bar code reader is used to look up training procedures and/or work instructions. This information is instantly available and can be accessed 24/7 on the shop floor.
  • Using bar codes, any non-conforming product or procedure generates a non-conformance report.
  • If there are issues, a corrective action is opened, investigated, closed and verified and reported to management automatically. 


  • Industry’s only cloud and native mobile system for risk-based management standards – The   SMS sends procedures and instructions that reside on a cloud server to use on your mobile iPad. When the systematic process is completed and documented on your iPad, the completed tasks can be synced back to the secure cloud.
  • The only patented SHEQM system with Management Standard attributes – The SMS is the only patented system and method that uses bar codes for managing the interaction between safety, maintenance and process (SHEQM) conditions.
  • Guarantees 100% error-free management of change – When a change is required, the changed document is revised so that users do not repeat an activity that yielded the problem in the first place. When the change is decided, it needs to be distributed as quickly as possible so future users only use the approved version. When the change is made, the mobile software does not allow the process to continue until the specific training associated with the change is completed.
  • Only SHEQM software with central asset analytics – SHEQM compiles the metrics from all interdependent assets, so it can show which items are causing degradation of other items.
  • Only software that mandates on-going regulatory compliance – The software allows you to enter, configure and manage the legal requirements to ensure regulatory compliance. It includes Lock out, Tag out, Confined Space and Hot Work and guides the user through the required steps—guarantying compliance.
  • The easiest to use – The system can be setup in the cloud in minutes, then configured in hours (versus complicated installs and months to customize). While using, it mandates that you scan the barcode and then it shows all the requirements, maintenance history, manuals and legal requirements, plus it ensures you have the proper training (that is up to date), certification and meet any other requirements to enter the space or work on the asset.
  • The price performance leader – SMS allows you to pay as you save, month to month or annually, has no capital expense, no setup fee, and is even available as full service if desired.

How Do I Get Started? 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Manex at 925-807-5100 or