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Data-Driven Quality Strategy
Reduces Order
Processing Time by 75%

Manex combines Six Sigma Problem Solving Methodology with a Kaizen Event to reduce quality issues, and improve product yield.

Client Business Need

CORWIL’s management team identified three process improvement opportunities, two in the office and one on the production floor.  Understanding the need to solve problems using data, the management team at CORWIL approached Manex to provide a solution that would address their needs of educating the workforce on data-driven problem solving, while solving their three identified improvement opportunities.
Corwil wished to implement data-driven problem solving methodology to their operations and apply it to achieve the following:
•     Shorten the monthly financial closing cycle
•     Significantly reduce the amount of inventory variance errors
•     Streamline the order processing flow
•     Reduce quality issues with travelers
•     Improve the yield for a specific product family on the floor


Manex developed a solution combining the Six Sigma Problem Solving Methodology, with a Kaizen Event, to promote steady, incremental learning throughout the project.  The format included training the three groups (representing the three improvement opportunities) together in a classroom environment on the Six Sigma DMAIC process.  This was followed by weekly coaching meetings with each team to lead and apply the DMAIC process to their specific problem. The weekly coaching meetings ended with a short list of homework items, so the team members could apply the DMAIC process, while solving their specific problem.

Results Delivered

Manex’s training and coaching approach provided CORWIL employees with the tools they need to continue improving current problem processes and to tackle future problems.  Due to the customized nature of the train and coach approach, CORWIL employees now understand both the DMAIC theory and how to apply DMAIC, given their special cultural, business, and process needs.
Quantifiable benefits included:

  • 57% reduction in monthly financial closing cycle
  • 99.5% reduction in inventory variance errors
  • 75% reduction in order processing time, starting with a pilot program
  • 93% reduction in traveler related quality errors
  • 41% reduction in max yield loss for a specific product family

In the spirit of DMAIC, the teams at CORWIL continue to improve the results stated above.

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