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Leading manufacturer of high quality insulating products used in automotive, industrial and aerospace power units.

Client Business Need

The management team was proactively pursuing the implementation of Lean Manufacturing in their Santa Ana operations. InsulTech asked Manex to design and implement a mentoring program for key operations employees, with the objectives of increasing process efficiencies, improving the flow of materials, reducing rework, eliminating errors and maximizing customer order performance.


Manex assessed the production environment to create a prioritized roadmap for “quick kit” improvements, used Lean Manufacturing processes to increase efficiencies, improve the flow of materials, improve quality and decrease lead times.

  • Trained 7 team members in 5S, Practical Problem Solving
  • Implemented two high level PPSs programs to support the CAT SQEP program
  • Assisted in the re-layout of the office and front end operations to facilitate an error-free order entry system
  • Created a Kanban replenishment system in the finished goods area and set up the finished goods racking system and warehouse
  • Streamlined the organization and supported managers to lead the company

Results Delivered

Specific results included:

  • Approximately 15% to 20% reduction in costs for order entry processing through the implementation of the action plans
  • Anticipating a 10% to 12% reduction in costs on the production floor by eliminating waste (over production)
  • Approximately 30% reduction in total inventory by reducing the amount of work in process between areas
  • Secured new contract worth up to 7 million dollars with Fortune 50 OEM

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