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World leader in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced electronics for military, civil, and commercial use.

Client Business Need

Northrop Grumman uses a thorough Performance Appraisal System to ensure their employees operate at the highest levels in the industry. The management team of the Electronic Systems facility wanted to ensure that their employees exceeded the performance factors laid out in the appraisal system.


Manex partnered with the University of Santa Cruz Extension in developing and delivering a comprehensive leadership and management training program that addressed Northrop Grumman’s seven leadership factors – use of judgment and initiative, employee coaching and development, teamwork and process improvement, communication, personal effectiveness, framing strategy, and customer focus. Thirty-five key employees and managers were trained in these areas, significantly improving their overall performance and commitment to results.

Results Delivered

With the use of this program, employee turnover was significantly decreased with all of the trained employees continuing their career as leaders in the organization (0% turnover rate among trained employees). Overall, employee relations, communication, and teamwork improved across the facility as the trained employees used the tools and techniques learned in the program which ultimately increased productivity.

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