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Client Business Need

Z-World was experiencing phenomenal growth (over 30% annually), placing extreme pressure on the manufacturing operations to meet these customer demands effectively.


To help Z-World meet these challenges, Manex assisted the management team in reengineering their manufacturing processes with the comprehensive implementation of Lean Principles. To begin the transformation, a two-day Kaizen Event was held with the Operations Group Management team and staff. Lean Principles, Value Stream Mapping, and 5S methods were employed with the team to identify areas of improvement. Once identified, Manex then worked with the manufacturing team to implement these changes, streamlining processes and improving productivity.

Results Delivered

An environment of continuous improvement was developed as the manufacturing operation embraced the strategies and tools shared by Manex.

Specific results include:

  • Receiving/Inspection – Improved workflow by 30%
  • Final Test – Obtained 80% improvement in locating testing units
  • Wave Soldering – Achieved 50% efficiency improvements

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