Find the Right People for the Right Role

 A successful business is built around having the right people and processes in place. Are you confident that the people you’re hiring, or promoting from within, are the right fit for the job?

Now there is an easy and cost-effective way to fully validate your staffing decisions. Manex Consulting is partnering with leading talent assessment company OutMatch to provide talent assessment services to manufacturing companies in Northern California.

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A Value-Added Service That Offers Immediate ROI


hiring mistake costs more than this subscription


reduction in first year turnover


increase in sales


of candidates think favorably of employer

Talent Assessments Impact Business Outcomes

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Accelerate Company Growth

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Increase Employee Performance

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Reduce New Hire Turnover

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Boost Hiring Efficiency

A Proven Process That Works

Discover great talent, inside and outside your organization. See how talent assessments help you hire the right people and develop future leaders. This intuitive process takes just minutes for the job candidate to complete, and is a value-added investment. In fact, the cost of one hiring mistake can cost more than a year’s subscription. It’s a win-win. 

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Let's Talk About Talent Assessment.

Top 3 Reasons to Use an Assessment

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Highly Predictive:

  • Behavioral and Cognitive skills fit to culture and role
  • Measure potential and predict job success
  • Shortlist strongest candidates for the job
  • Identify top candidates’ strengths and gaps


Structured & Scalable:

  • Structure for remote work
  • Drive consistent process
  • Support business growth, org. changes, and more
  • Science-based analysis
  • Improves candidate experience


Top & Bottom Line Results:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase Performance
  • Improve CSAT
  • Boost hiring efficiency
  • Build leadership strength
  • Affordable


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We don’t just tell you the likelihood of a candidate being successful…

We stack rank your candidates so you focus on the best!

Here’s How The Process Works

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Easy Start Up,
Customized to your Needs

  • 900+ jobs pre-defined, all customizable

  • 5 optional Cognitive skill assessments

  • 1 custom configuration

  • 1 day to Go Live

  • Development plans for any person to any job

  • Job fit assessment for any person to any job

  • 4 levels of user security

  • Legal use in all 50 states

Intuitive: Easy to Read Assessment Reports


  • Overall match score

  • Candidate ranking

  • Behavioral trait overview

  • Detailed insights

  • Follow-up interview questions

  • Development suggestions

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